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Member Pete Petrie - Pete's Route 66 Gas Museum - Williams AZ

Arizona Route 66 Fun Run Tour 2015

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A total of eight members participated in this years Arizona Route 66 Fun Run held on May 2nd and 3rd 2015. This year Bonnie and I flew into Palm Springs and started our tour with three days in Los Angeles. Scott Piotrowski gave us a wonderful 8 hour tour of four of the five Route 66 alignments in the city using our rental car, rapid transit, and walking tours. We also discussed the upcoming 2016 International Festival. It looks like it is going to be a great event. Our base camp was the WigWam Motel in Rialto. Always a great place to stay. 

We visited with Jim Conkle at the Summit Inn, the California Route 66 Museum, the Barstow Route 66 Museum, Elmers Bottle Ranch, The Calico Ghost Town and Peggy Sue’s Diner. We stayed a night at the Route 66 Motel in Barstow before setting out across the desert to Bagdad, Ludlow and Amboy. Had a nice visit with Kevin and then detoured to the Kelso Train Station and then on to Needles for lunch. We continued on to Kingman for the night staying at our favourite motel, El Trovatore with Sam and Monica. 

The next day we headed for Hackberry, Truxton and Seligman and after short visits continued to Flagstaff to have diner with members Sean and Karen Evans. After diner we headed to Williams for the night.

Friday morning laundry duty and then off to Seligman to pick up our registration goodies. A short visit with Angle (playing in the band again), more visiting with Seligman folks and then back to Williams for a group diner.

Fun Run Day 1: Drove back to Seligman and watched as the parade started. Jim Conkle and his video crew interviewing everyone for his next Route 66 Show. Waited for the crowd to depart and then headed out on Route 66 to Truxton for lunch at the Frontier Motel with Lynette and Allen who was very busy on the BBQ.  Continued to Kingman for another night at the El Trovatore, Car Show on Andy Divine and Beale Street followed by diner with Jim and Judy Hinckley, Mike and Sharon Ward and many others. Back to the El Trovatore where a party was in full swing in the parking lot.

Fun Run Day 2: After a hearty breakfast at the Hot Rod Cafe we set out for Cool springs and Oatman. Lots of Burros in Oatman this year. Parking was tough as always. After a nice visit we headed down the road to Golden Shores for lunch and the Awards Ceremony. After the ceremony we headed for Needles to visit the partially restored Harvey House Train Station. Most of the building has been restored but there were no tenants inside yet. After a quick stop we proceed to Laughlin to meet up with our other members.

The next day Bob, Lorrie, Markus, Dave, Lynda, Bill, Barb, Bonnie and I went on a road trip to Lake Havasu and Parker. That night we all met up at Bubba Gump's for dinner and goodbyes.

The next morning Bonnie and I headed to Needles and back to Amboy continuing on to Palm Springs for our last two nights before flying home.

Another Fun Run successfully completed. I think I can safely say everyone had a great time.

Garage Tour - March 8, 2015

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Click above to see pictures.

Gary Turner 1944 - 2015


Gary Turner & Bonnie at the 2010 International Festival

Canadian Route 66 Association Member Gary Turner passed away January 22, 2015. Gary is survived by his wife Lena of 47 years and four children. Gary was a true Ambassador to Route 66. He will be missed by everyone on the Route.


The Gay Parita service station on Route 66 in Paris Springs, Missouri


Gary holding his Canadian Route 66 Newsletter - His story by Brad inside.


Inside his Service Station

Historic U.S. 66 Highway Association REBORN

Oklahoma’s “Father of Route 66” Cyrus Avery’s 1927 Organization Reestablished


Tulsa, OK, January 5, 2015 – Dormant since the 1970’s, the original and most influential Route 66 organization, the U.S. 66 Highway Association, is being re-established following the consolidation of the Route 66 Alliance and the National Historic Route 66 Federation.  Originally, created in 1927 by enterprising Tulsan, Cyrus Avery, known today as the “Father of Route 66,” the U.S. 66 Highway Association dominated as Route 66’s singular national umbrella organization for nearly 50 years. 

 Avery’s grandson, Cyrus Stevens Avery II confirmed today that Michael Wallis’s Tulsa-based Route 66 Alliance and the National Historic Route 66 Federation run by Executive Director David Knudson in California have consolidated their organizations under the U.S. 66 Highway Association’s re-established banner.  The historic announcement will combine both groups’ resources under the Avery association’s auspices.

 In the decades since the U.S. 66 Highway Association was dormant, no entity had definitively established itself as the sole national clearinghouse of information for Route 66 enthusiasts.  As a combination 501c3 and 501c4, the Alliance and Federation under the re-energized U.S. 66 Highway Association banner will accomplish that goal, creating a collected entity with international reach and influence.    

 “We’re delighted that Michael and David will continue the family legacy,” Avery II stated this morning.  “My Grandfather created 66 in Tulsa, Michael is a fellow-Tulsan, and both he and David have done well to carry my Grandfather’s vision forward these past many years.”

 David Knudson’s California-based National Historic Route 66 Federation is responsible for the 1990’s legislation that established the $10 Million funding bill aimed at preserving Route 66.  Through it, the Route 66 Corridor Program overseen by the National Park Service was established.

 “We’ve been discussing partnering since late 2013,” said Knudson.  “There’s a perception of division between our organizations, but we’ve always shared a mission statement of Route 66 preservation, promotion, and education.  Creating unity to quiet the dividers while also reaching our global fan-base made sense.”

 As the voice of the sheriff in Disney/Pixar’s 2006 film Cars, Wallis has a fan base of his own.  A three-time Pulitzer-prize nominee, he wrote Route 66: the Mother Road in 1990, the book commonly seen as a catalyst to Route 66’s nostalgic rebirth.  He established the Route 66 Alliance in 2008 with co-founder Rick Freeland to ensure the road’s survival for future generations and he travels extensively each year promoting it.  Says Wallis, “U.S. 66 is another piece of the puzzle for Tulsa to reclaim pride of ownership over Route 66’s heritage.  Tulsa, my friends, has always been the ‘Washington D.C.’ of Route 66.”  

 The U.S. 66 Highway Association also re-registered the names Route 66 Association and the Highway 66 Association, which it was sometimes referred to.  “We’ll use those again too,” laughs Avery II.  “Anything we were then, we’ll be again.” 

General Meeting Minutes - January 2015

Canadian Route 66 Association Minutes for Sunday January 11, 2015

Brunch meeting held at Delta Golf Course

11 Members, 1 Guest in attendance

Happy New Year

Christmas Party Report

  • 31 members attended at the Delta Golf Course,
  • Everyone had a great time once again; gifts were a lot of fun,
  • The Golf Course would like us to make a confirmed date for 2015, Saturday December 5? Bonnie will confirm this date and report back at next meeting.

AGM Notes:

At the Annual General Meeting in October our Treasurer Craig McDowall, presented the Association with financial statements for the year. As a NON Profit Assoc we are not allowed to make a lot of money. We did however come out with net revenue of $158.54. Due to the low attendance at meetings this past year, we had not collected 50/50 draws or pennies (now nickels) to make our annual donation to Kruise for Kids.

Thank you to everyone who renewed their membership at the Xmas Party. As mentioned at the AGM we have raised our membership fees to $35 to help cover additional costs such as Newsletter printing etc.

Proposed Trips/Activities for 2014

SUGGESTIONS for activities/Garage Tours, Picnic locations

Geoff had a few suggestions for Garage Tours we had visited in the past. Bonnie will follow up on these suggestions.

Annual Paccar Technical Center Open House for 2015 will be held April 11 from 11- 3 in Mount Vernon in conjunction with the Tulip Festival. See their trucks and the test labs on this 242 acre site. Route 66 News

The “Route 66: The Road and the Romance” which ended in December at the Autry National Center in Los Angeles was declared “the most popular show in the history of the museum” by its president. The museum doesn’t keep specific counts for exhibits, but it was estimated more than 50,000 visited “Route 66: The Road and the Romance” during its seven-month run. 

A security guard said that on the Saturday before the last day there were so many people in the galleries you could hardly move,  people that did not know each other were constantly striking up conversations. 

Cynnie Troup, the daughter of Bobby Troup (“Get your kicks on” Route 66″) was also on hand to talk about the cross-country map created by her mother and father on the trip west.

The Will Rogers Museum in Claremore, Oklahoma, will include a of Route 66 promotion, aka the Will Rogers Memorial Highway, during a series of changes for the upcoming year.

References of the Will Rogers Highway date back to the early 1940s. A well-known monument dedicating the Will Rogers Highway also was installed in Santa Monica, California, near the Santa Monica Pier, in 1952.

Fun Run.

The Official Fun Run dates are May 1 - 3 beginning in Seligman. The tentative route departing from Vancouver April 24 or 25  would be:

Eugene Or,  Sacramento Ca, Rialto Ca, Williams Az, Seligman, Kingman, Lake Havasu or Laughlin, Barstow Ca, Virginia City.

Suggestions for this year would be to visit the temporary location Peterson Museum in Los Angeles or wait until 2016 to visit the renovated museum. The Nethercut Collection in Sylmar Ca would also be a great location to visit. All the restored vintage cars on display are used in parades , Concours events & other special occasions. The vehicles on display are ‘floated’ off the marble floors. They also have a Canadian connection, 1937 Canadian Pacific Royal Hudson Locomotive #2839, built in Montreal!

One of our Route 66 contacts in Los Angeles who organizes guided Route 66 walking tours. Los Angeles can be difficult to drive through and see the Route 66 sights.  If a Route 66 walking tour was possible,  the plan would be to stay 2 nights in the Wigwam Motel in Rialto Ca. ‘Enjoy Route 66 the Wigwam Way’

Following the Fun Run, one suggestions would be to stay 2 nights in Laughlin and take a Topok River Tour to see the Petroglyphs — if the group has a Max 6 people interested we could charter the boat for $25 per person. Otherwise the tour is $50 per person with a max of 6 (other) people in the boat.

In Las Vegas if anyone is interested in a tour of Art Golstrom’s collection of Nostalgia Street Rods in Las Vegas, this collections contains more than 160 working vintage cars, dating back to Ford Model T's, and just about everything else, from signed memorabilia to antique telephones. You will see old jail locks with giant keys, a check for $925 signed by Thomas Edison, a 1955 Chevrolet with a 1,600-horsepower engine, the second gas-powered Maytag washing machine sold in Nevada, a piece of the Hindenburg and much more. The tour is available at 10am or 2pm for a cost of $20 per person

George will provide further information at the next meeting. Accommodation for the Fun Run itself must be arranged ASAP. If you are interested in attending the Fun Run regardless if you are driving with the group, please contact Bonnie with your credit card information so your accommodation can be arranged. or 604-802-0490

Local Car events listing:

Lee Harrison list is only available online to download & any changes or additions are kept up to date

The Route 66 Fun Run is listed, along with the 3 events which Bonnie organizes - 

  • Hats Off Day June 6
  • Marpole Summerfest - July 18 (new date)
  • Edmonds (Burnaby) City Fair - July 19

Other Business

Bill Blackall wanted the members to be aware of their collector car insurance validity if you have a secondary policy in addition to ICBC. Make certain both policies are valid. Bill had a situation where his secondary policy for Liability Insurance which was to be automatically renewed each year & was not notified the policy had been cancelled. 

50/50 Draw - $37 collected. Congratulations to Debbie Richdale who was the winner of the 50/50 draw.

Next meeting date Sunday February 8 - 10am Delta Golf Course

Mother Road Ride Rally

 MOTHER ROAD RIDE RALLY - 21st Ride down Old ROUTE 66


This is a motorcycle ride down old RT-66. The ride starts on the 10th June2015 at La Quinta Inn in Willow Brook, Illinois. The ride will follow RT-66to Santa Monica, Calif. the ride ends June 21st in Santa Monica, Calif. Wehave an awards dinner in California. The ride will follow a lot of the oldRT-66 and will include riding across the Mississippi river on the chain ofRocks Bridge, the Ozark trail. Original red brick pavement road, the ghosttown of Oatman for breakfast, 2015 will be the 21st year for this ride.All bikes welcome. You must register. Ride of a Life time. 

Go to our web site, menu on the left side top of page this will answer mostquestions and give you a look of what the Rally is about.  

Web Site:

Contact E-mail            

Face Book Page Please CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON. Thanks            


Thank You

George Higgins

Christmas Party Photos Uploaded

Club Christmas Party 2014 - 031

Christmas party photos are now in Photos.

Annual General Meeting - Oct 26, 2014

Canadian Route 66 Association

AGM Sunday October 26, 2014

15 members in attendance


Bonnie reported the association currently has 56 active/paid members

3 paid Associations/Groups

1 Life member 

2 Complimentary memberships (dating back to Lorrie’s Founding of CR66A)

Updated: 3 of our members passed away this past year;

Bob Leong who was an enthusiastic supporter of our association & one of our early members #25. 

Paul Dexter our Kent Washington Member who made the best Chocolate Chip Cookies for our Road Trips. He will be very much missed.

Graham Towell who joined our association after he & Bertha Hansen were married.

Received 3 new members this past year. 

  • Norm & Jean Mulloy from Ontario who plan to drive Route 66 in their restored 1934 Airflow Trailer.
  • Ken Stratychuck, joined our association during a joint Garage tour with the BC Corvette Club in April.
  • Ron Jones AKA ‘Tattoo Man’ from Oklahoma. Ron is a friend of George & Bonnie who they have met at the International Festivals. He is such an enthusiast, he has tattoos of Route 66 Icons (hotels, etc) literally from head to toe. He recently asked for permission to put our Canadian Route 66 logo in a tattoo. George sent him the artwork and he became a member at the same time. We  hope to have a good photo of Ron & his latest tattoo for the newsletter.

As a reminder, as a non-profit association, your CR66A Membership dues pay for the cost of printing our newsletter. Membership dues are renewable in January each year. If you have renewed your membership at any point during the year, your renewal date will remain January. Each newsletter has your renewal date, which is highlighted on the back page.


Did you know our Association celebrated it’s 18th birthday October 23? That was the official date which Lorrie received our Non Profit Society designation.

We are 2 years away from our 20th Anniversary. Lorrie & Bonnie will work together on ideas for our big anniversary. Suggestions are welcome.


At the end of last year, Lorrie volunteered to cover the cost of the Associations Cell Phone. She still receives several calls from people whom are surprised that number is still in existence 18 yrs later. 

Brad our Newsletter Editor was able to secure a NON PROFIT rate at a printer in North Vancouver. The quality of paper stock is not as heavy as the previous printer used but the quality is just as good with full colour throughout the newsletter.

Due to low membership attendance this past year, we did not give a Kruise for Kids donation (Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau). This year’s Kruise for Kids event will be held on November 2 at Red Robin in the Guildford parking lot starting at 8:30 am. The run begins at 10am from Guildford Mall to the Cascades Casino in Langley. If you are attending please bring an unwrapped toy to the event. All toys & donations go directly to the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau. Please register as a Canadian Route 66 Association Member.

As we can no longer collect pennies (in Canada) to add to our Kruise for Kids donation, we will collect any nickels you may have in your pockets. Stewart has been collecting nickels all year long & passing them along to Bonnie to add to her collection.

Craig reviewed our finances for the year. For the past few years the Association year end has been in a negative balance. This year with reduced telephone costs, our year end balance is $158.54.

Financial statements are available upon request.

Bonnie has closed the Association Post Office Box in Burnaby, due to the high cost of the rental. The Mailing address for Canada will now be:

Canadian Route 66 Association

#1204-6689 Willingdon Ave

Burnaby BC. V5H 3Y8


Our US members & friends can send mail to:

Canadian Route 66 Association

1685 H Street

PMB 1162

Blaine WA 98230



George has changed the web site mailing address to reflect the changes. Please check the web site frequently for Meeting Dates, Event Photos, Videos, Other Association Newsletters and updates/stories from the Route. Any short stories and pictures from our member’s travels are always welcome


Brad is always looking for stories & content for the Newsletter. Bonnie will be in touch with Brad to see when the next issue will be ready, hopefully in time for the Xmas Party. That saves on mailing costs too! Tim, has submitted his diary of his and his Dad’s Route 66 road trip this summer to Brad. Tim & Bob drove the route from Chicago to LA on Motorcycles to raise money for Prostate Cancer. George assisted them by getting in touch with our Route 66 friends. Tim & Bob were able to get the full Route 66 experience, making new friends receiving recommendations where to stay, what to see. A few donations were made as well. Watch for Tim’s story in the next newsletter.


As previously mentioned our meeting attendance has declined this past year, party due to the toll fees on bridges in the lower mainland.  General discussion was held regarding changing meeting locations. Craig suggested contacting the Accent Inn at Boundary & Henning in Burnaby. The Accent Inn has a banquet room which they do not charge to rent, we would only pay for the meal. Bonnie had contacted  many restaurants for private rooms and the ABC Restaurant next door to Accent Inn charges $400 for the use of their meeting room, in addition to the meal. Bonnie will follow up with the Accent Inn. Shirley will contact a few restaurants in the Coquitlam area to find out if there is a meeting room we can use at no charge.

Discussion was held regarding meeting times. Bonnie asked if 10 am was too early for or would 10:30 be better. It was agreed 10 am was just fine.

Bonnie mentioned changing the meeting location to the Delta Golf Course for the AGM & possibly other meetings. This suggestion was tabled until Shirley & Bonnie were able tor review alternate locations. We may still meet at Choo Choos’s in Langley on occasion.


Long sections of historic Route 66 in California near Amboy between Newberry Springs & Needles were closed in mid-September because of extensive flood damage. The road is scheduled to reopen by mid November.

A company called River Pilot Tours has published an accurate Route 66 GPS directions Data File. Our members from Flagstaff, Sean & Karen Evans are currently testing the GPS Data on a Route 66 road trip. It is supposed to be very easy to follow. River Pilot also rents a GPS with the included data if you are planning a Route 66 road trip.

This year the Fun Run & International Route 66 Festival were both held in Arizona with Kingman as the central location. The International Festival was held in August. There were numerous smaller car shows and many exhibits. On behalf of the Association George & Bonnie supported a fundraiser for downtown Kingman and purchased a brick from the Kingman Chamber of Commerce for a Walk of Fame. The Walk of Fame ‘Bricks on 66’ will honour people who helped transform Route 66 from a mere highway to an iconic strip of asphalt famous the world over.

Our Association brick is located across the street from the Train Station. How fitting for 

George! Bonnie & George will be honoured to give you the grand tour next year!

On an earlier International Festival road trip we also purchased a brick at the Red 

Barn in Arcadia OK in the Associations name.

Mr Bill (Forbes) also purchased a brick in our Associations name several years ago at the California Route 66 Museum in Victorville California.

2015 FUN RUN

Highlights for the proposed 2015 Fun Run route:  Sacramento CA, Rialto CA (Kumar whose family owns the Wigwam motel, has invited our Association to stay in a WigWam). Prescott AZ, Barstow CA, Virginia City NV.  The Peterson Automotive Museum in LA. is currently under a major renovation and will re-open at the end of 2015. Part of the collection has moved to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. We will incorporate the Peterson Museum for the 2016 Fun Run.

The Nethercutt Museum in Sylmar CA includes a collection of more than 130 of the world’s greatest antique, vintage, classic and special interest automobiles. Outside the museum is a fully restored seam locomotive - 1937 Canadian Pacific Royal Hudson Locomotive & a 1912 California Parlour Car.

Another suggestion, something not car related, is the Charles Shultz /Snoopy Museum in Santa Rosa Ca. View the largest collection of original Peanuts art work in the world. View a re-creation of Schulz’s art studio. Charles Shultz lived in Needles CA for 2 years as a young child. He remembered his years in the Needles desert & incorporated his experiences into his cartoons.


John Sulentich mentioned a Cancer Fundraiser Garage Tour in Langley Sunday November 2. Audrey & Gord Stebanuck are hosting a garage tour and Breast Cancer fundraiser (she has Breast Cancer). Our Association visited Audrey & Gord’s collection a few years ago, John reported they may be selling part of their memorabilia collection and downsizing. Lorrie mentioned Audrey & Gord were past members when Lorrie was gathering membership in our early months as an Association. Bonnie will review a list of Garage tours which we have visited in past & look for others we have not viewed.


No changes to the current Executive. Bonnie nominated John Sulentich for Phone Committee to call members who do not have email or who do not check email frequently to remind of special events etc.


A motion was presented regarding dues, it has been several years since an increase. Due to the cost of printing & mailing newsletters it was agreed to raise dues. Motion Passed, effective January 1, 2015 dues will increase to $35 per year, US and Canada.

If you wish to pay your 2015 dues at the 2014 rate, please send your cheques now or bring to the Christmas Party.

General discussion was held with regards to liability Insurance for the association. Bonnie will investigate. George suggested that every member who attends an event outside of Canada, wether for an hour or a day, should purchase OUT OF COUNTRY Medical Insurance. Bonnie is licensed to sell Travel Insurance and can assist you with this.


The date of our annual Christmas Party will be Saturday December 6, 2014

Location will be the Delta Golf Course — COST TBD

Please RSVP to Bonnie by December 1 in order to give the Golf Course an exact number of attendees. The chef at the Golf Course will provide a menu and cost to Bonnie who will notify everyone who plans to attend.

Traditionally we have a Fun Gift Exchange.  Everyone (1 per person) should bring a Fun/Joke gift (Please NO TACKY GIFTS) worth around $10. There are also donated door prizes from Bonnie, George & Bonnie’s Mom and other members during the year for the Xmas party.

New Business Completed

50/50 DRAW:  $27 was won by Bill Boyd.

Meeting adjourned at 12 noon.

Seligman Sundries in Seligman AZ has New Owners

DT Picture -0936451
DT Picture -0937061

2014 International Festival Pictures in Photos

R66 Festival 2014 - Kingman - 250

Angel Delgadillo with Jim & Judy Hinckley in Kingman.

You can find this years Route 66 International Festival Pictures in the Photo section.