Greenway Motel - Mitchell IL

Members Tim & Bob Kikkert - Ride for Cancer - May 25, 2014

Dear Friends, Family and Colleagues,

 It's that time of year again and I'm attempting once again to raise as much money as possible for research to help find a cure and fight prostate cancer. This is my fourth year participating in this event. Of note, Amy won't be participating this year as she is working now and in university, and I will be on a special ride. The ride is May 25th this year.

SPECIAL RIDE THIS YEAR: My dad also signs up for a ride like this in Ontario each year and we raise money together and cheer each other on. This year, we are meeting in Chicago, on our bikes, in the third week of May. We will then set off on a 5 week journey on the old US Route 66 and dedicate our ride to raising money for prostate cancer. We leave Chicago and make our way all the way to Santa Monica, CA., and will then ride up the west coast to Vancouver. My dad will then ride across Canada. I will be setting up a Facebook page, details in the first update coming soon, and will invite you to join my page so you can follow along with us for the whole journey – I will be updating daily (when I have WiFi access) with stories and pictures – stay tuned!

I simply ride - all of you are the critical part of this event and it wouldn't be successful without you. Amy and I have raised the astonishing amount of over$17,000 in the last three years because of your support and generosity. We’ve been the top fundraisers for the last three years! I’m aiming at $3000 initially – but I want to raise as much as possible with this special trip.

As you may or may not know, my dad and other members of my family have been victims of prostate cancer. My dad is an 11 year survivor now and continues to do well and keep the cancer away. This is mainly due to the excellent progress that has been made in prostate cancer research thanks to the generous donations of friends, family and colleagues.

This year - I’ve kicked things off by donating some personal cash and will add money I raise from selling off prizes from last year’s ride again – I want everything that results from this ride to translate into funds for the research. The top fundraiser right now is at $350 – we can beat that! Any amount helps!

Help me Save BC men by fighting Prostate Cancer! I am participating in the Westcoast Motorcycle Ride To Live, to raise much needed funds for Prostate Cancer Foundation BC. Please help me reach my fundraising goals! Just click "Sponsor Me" to make a donation. Thank you in advance for your generosity!


By the way, I can take cash & the site takes USA credit cards (if that’s easier for you and you don’t trust web sites with credit card information) OR


TO SUPPORT ME (go to the link below and it will take you to a web page - on the upper right hand of the web page hit the “SPONSOR ME” button):


Pledge funds raised go to prostate cancer research, awareness, education & support in British Columbia. 

The Facebook site I’ve set up is called “Timbob Kikkert”, so if you send a friend request from your Facebook account to me at that one, I’ll accept your friend request and you’ll be able to track our trip. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity! As always, I promise to keep you updated on my progress with timely & entertaining updates.

Tim Kikkert

2014 International Festival - Kingman Daily Miner

From the Kingman Daily Miner, here are links to a couple of the latest articles which announce the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce taking over the reins of the 2014 International Route 66 Festival.

Please Contact Pam Wilkinson of the Chamber of Commerce directly with any questions.

Oklahoma Newsletter - Mar 2014

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Arizona Route 66 Fun Run Itinerary - Updated Mar 17

The Fun Run Road Trip has been cancelled. Some of our members will be already on the road and will join us in Williams. Bonnie and I will be flying to Las Vegas and renting a car to do this event.

Oklahoma Newsletter - Feb 2014


Garage Tour - Feb 2014

Garage Tour - Feb 2014 - 081

Visit our Photo page to see pictures from our February Garage Tour. 22 Members and Guests visited a fantastic collection of Classic MG’s.

General Meeting Minutes - January 2014

Canadian Route 66 Association Minutes for Sunday January 12, 2014

10:00 a.m. – Brunch being held @ Choo Choos Restaurant –20559 Fraser Hwy, Langley, 

Happy New Year

Christmas Party Report

30 members + 2 guests attended at the Delta Golf Course

Everyone had a great time once again; gifts were a lot of fun, my friends John & Lenora who were guests have been to Kingman & Oatman many times due to our adventures. They would like to join us on a Fun Run. 

I have requested the first Sat in December NOW & have given a deposit for 2014. Hopefully someone will not double book and bump us or we will be looking for an alternate location for 2015.

AGM Notes:

At the Annual General Meeting in November, Craig reviewed our finances and we did not raise enough money with 50/50 draws last year to make a donation. Due to low participation last year, our revenue was down. Our finances were negative $94.72.  In 2012 our Net Revenue was $198. As a Non Profit Association we are not supposed to make money but we are allowed to make a little for expenses etc. 

In order to reduce our Association Expenses Lorrie opted to pay for the Association cell phone herself. That gives us savings of $50 per month.

Since January 2012, we have changed to a yearly membership renewal with the exception of a few members whom we see only at the Fun Run. Any renewals that come in during the year, your renewal date will always be January and is reflected on your next newsletter.

Proposed Trips/Activities for 2014

Garage Tours

Lorrie has contacted someone to request a Garage Tour of his collection in the Fraser Valley. We are confirmed for a tour, but it was suggested we come mid April when the garage is not so cold. Bonnie will be in touch with this person & will make arrangements for possibly Sat or Sun April 12 or 13. 

John S sent pictures of Joe Mitchels’s place. Anyone have any idea who and where Joe Mitchel is and how to get in touch with him to view his collection of memorabilia, trains, etc.


Fun Run

George will begin planning a route from home to this year’s Fun Run in late February due to our being away until Feb 10. We will be departing from Vancouver either Friday April 25 or Sat April 276.  The 27th Annual Fun Run takes place May 2 - 4.  Entry fee is $50 prior to April 18. Registration forms are available on the web site or Bonnie will forward one to you.

Any suggestions for a route or somewhere you would like to see, please let George know. Last year Mr. Bill took the group to see a restoration shop in Las Vegas.

The event begins on Friday, May 2,  in Seligman

Registration takes place at noon on Friday, during the day and evening, there will be music and lots of entertainment happening in Seligman. We always stay in Williams Thurs & Fri nights as there are more available motels & shopping than in Seligman.

Saturday cars line up 3 rows deep in Seligman prior to the official start of the Fun Run. Angel Delgailo usually rides his bicycle to the start line and officially lets the first vehicle - usually the Kingman Vintage police car go and everyone else follows.

Along the way, each area adds a different touch to the celebration: Native American dances, barbecues, souvenirs, scenic vistas and historical buildings.  The Show-N-Shine in Kingman Saturday afternoon gives you a chance to enjoy viewing all the vehicles that are proudly displayed along several streets.  The festivities carry into the evening for music, street dance and cruise night. This is a good day to relax and enjoy the music at the Sonic Drive-in next door to the motel. Some times we try to together with other friends for dinner. It is difficult to get a large group of people together for a group dinner and not everyone enjoys themselves. Therefore I have declared Sat night a free night to do what you want.

On Sunday morning, the parade of cars leaves Kingman, traveling past historic Cool Springs Station through the famous Black Mountains to Oatman, for a look at the wild west. From here, Historic Route 66 is designated a Scenic Back Country Byway, and winds down to the edge of the Colorado River and the Arizona/California border.  The town of Topock- Golden Shores, on Arizona's side of the Colorado River, hosts the Awards Ceremony and Farewell Reception. Burger & a Beer or glass of wine are the order of the day at Topok prior to the awards and door prizes. 

Suggestions on places to see: 

Peterson’s Auto Collection in LA;

Someone sent an email on a collection of cars in Fresno Ca from Trucker John Lawson. I could not find any information on how to contact anyone about viewing the collection. From what I have read about other tours, this place is not open to the public.

Indian Canyon - Palm Springs


Car events listing:

Lee Harrison list is no longer being printed and mailed to clubs as there are too many changes each year to keep things current, he now only has a web listing

The Route 66 Fun Run is listed, along with many other car shows around the lower mainland during the summer. 


Oklahoma NewsLetter - Jan 2014

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Association Christmas Party 2013

Club Christmas Party 2013 - 068

Over thirty members and guests attended this years Association Christmas Party at the Delta Golf Course. Once again the food was excellent. The weather co-operated and everyone went home with numerous gifts. A fun time was had by all. 

Pictures can be viewed in the Photo Section.

Canadian Thanksgiving Road Trip 2013

Thanksgiving Tour 2013 - 07

Another successful Canadian Thanksgiving Road Trip. After meeting Stewart and Barry, Walter and Joan at the Custer Rest Stop on I5 we proceeded to Babe's in Ferndale for our morning breakfast. From Ferndale we continued our journey down I5 to Everett and exited onto Hwy 2 towards Leavenworth. We turned off in Monroe onto Hwy 203 to Falls City and  Snoqualmie Falls Park where we met up with Paul and Judy Dexter. 

After visiting the Falls we continued on to the Snoqualmie Train Station to purchase our tickets for a 75 minute train ride. The train travels to Twin Peaks, back to Snoqualmie Falls Park and then returns to the station. After our ride we drove to Twin Peaks for lunch at the historic Twedes Cafe. After lunch we continued our journey to the restored Cle Elum Train Station which is now used as a restaurant. A walking trail tells the story of the train station and surrounding area. After a short visit Paul and Judy headed home while the rest of us made our way to our motel for the evening. 

The next morning after breakfast, Stewart and Barry said goodbye and departed for the Monroe Swap Meet. George and Bonnie, Walter and Joan headed east to Hwy 97 for a visit to Peteros (coffee break) and then on to Winthrop (Hwy 153) before returning home on Hwy 20 through Stevens Pass. the scenery and weather was fantastic.

On the way home we stopped in on Bill and Barbara Forbes in Birch Bay for a visit. Walter had an Ice Cream craving since Winthrop that was satisfied in Bill's Basement Ice Cream Parlour. After dessert the six of us then went to dinner in Blaine.

Photos from the trip available in the Photos Section.