General Meeting Minutes - March 2018

Canadian Route 66 Association  Minutes

Sunday March 11, 2018

13 members in attendance

Welcome back Member # 78 Dave & Diane Sims

Bonnie passed around the premier edition of the ROUTE a new Route 66 magazine, Czech Route 66 hard cover book on Route 66 & Jim Hinkley’s book 100 Things To Do on Route 66 Before you DIE.

The Route Magazine editor contacted our association many times and offered a complimentary copy of the first edition. Coincidentally the Editor is from Ontario.

The Czech Route 66 Association has published a hard cover book on the 20th Anniversary of the founding of their Association. This book is being offered for sale by mail order for any members who wish to purchase.

George & Bonnie highlighted 49 out of 100 in  the Jm Hinkley’s 100 Things to Do on Route 66.

Upcoming Events:

Route 66 Fun Run 

31st Historic Route 66 Fun Run will be held May 4-6. Reservations are confirmed for Williams, Kingman & Laughlin for Bill/Yolanda,  Bev/Sandy. Rick & John will be joining the Fun Run also.

Sean & Karen Evans, Juergen Burmeister members from Flagstaff will be joining us as well. Marcus from Germany and his family will be coming this year. It will be great to meet Marcus’s partner Mona & 2 yr old on Micheal.

Bill Blackall has ordered Canadian Route 66 Association baseball hats for our members who are participating in the Fun Run.

Prior to the Fun Run George & Bonnie will be driving out to Meteor City to check out the progress of the former trading post which is about to reopen soon.Annual Easter Parade: 

Easter Parade

The Vancouver Chapter of the Vintage Car Club of Canada  is host to a car rally every Easter Sunday. At the meeting it was mentioned the Easter Parade will held at the Planetarium, UPDATE:  This year the event takes place at Trev Deeley on Boundary Road, between 10 am and 12 pm. At noon participants depart for a mystery tour around the city before arriving at a yet undisclosed indoor facility in North Burnaby. The destination is announced just before the procession of cars heads out. Admission is free for the public before the rally and $5 per non-member participating vehicles.


Tim is preparing the Spring Edition of the newsletter. If you have any content for him please email him The goal is to have the Spring edition printed in time for the Fun Run. UPDATE: Tim is finalizing the Spring Edition at this time, he is still looking for content to add to the next edition.

Open House:

Annual Paccar Technical Center Open House  will be held Saturday April 14 from 11- 3 in Mount Vernon. The Tech Center does testing and development for Kenworth, Peterbilt, and DAF trucks. The tour highlights test labs and trucks manufactured by PACCAR. The Tech Center partners with government agencies and academic institutions to evaluate future vehicle technologies.

Route 66 News: 

The latest Desert USA Newsletter has many pictures and articles pertaining to Route 66. Bristol Dry Lake off Route 66 near Amboy in CA. It is a dry lake bed in the desert near the Mojave National Preserve. It's a huge source of salt.

The California Theater in San Bernadino is a classic movie house from 1928  which was completely restored in 2001 is still going strong today with a series of plays and Concerts. Tragically, it is famous for being the location of Will Rogers last show before being killed in the 1935 plane crash in Alaska.

In Oatman Az, the Bureau of Land Management & Humane Society are trying to reduce the number of wild burros by trapping female burros and inoculate them with a contraceptive used for horses and burros.

The burros are descendants of animals used in area gold mines a century ago. When the mines closed, workers turned the burros loose.  Police report a rising number of traffic accidents involving the burros on Oatman Road (aka Route 66).

The burros are a big tourist attraction. Visitors pet the often-docile animals or feed them carrots sold by stores as the animals leisurely roam the streets.

Angel Delgadillo

Arizona newspaper recently published a lengthy feature about Angel Delgadillo, who is now affectionately known as the Guardian Angel of Route 66.

Angel is approaching the 40th anniversary of the date that caused him great sorrow, Sept. 22, 1978 — 2:30 p.m., to be exact — when about 9,000 vehicles a day along Route 66 just outside of his barber shop dropped to almost zero. That’s because a new interstate (I-40) opened and bypassed his hometown of Seligman, Arizona.

“And then there was nothing. We were forgotten. Left to die,” Delgadillo told the newspaper.

But the abandonment of Route 66 set a course for Angel to tirelessly lobby the state to designate old Route 66 from Seligman to Kingman as a historic highway. He helped found the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona in 1987, then the Arizona Route 66 Fun Run began a year later.

Decades later, he continues to enthusiastically greet tourists, pose for photographs and, if he’s not too busy, offer a shave or a haircut.

Angel’s family said it has documented about 1,200 interviews he’s given over the years.

He said his barber shop was one of only four businesses that stayed after the I-40 bypass.

He managed to put 3 children through college during those lean times, despite making only $11,000 a year at one point.

The first Fun Run attracted 150 cars its first year. It now typically draws 900 or more.

The newspaper also reported Angel has only traveled from Seligman less than a dozen times.

Angel has never been to Disneyland to see Cars Land. He has no intention of visiting Radiator Springs, a Route 66 town inspired by Seligman and crafted by Disney Imagineers.

Why bother when he can look out his front door and see the real thing?

Meeting Adjourned at 11:45 am.

50/50 draw, $60 was collected, Sue Ramberg won $30.

Next meeting Sunday April 8, 10 am. Delta Golf Club