Presidents Report - Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Presidents Report

Spring is here and that means its time for the 31st Annual Arizona Route 66 Fun Run. The event runs May 4 to 6. Last year over 800 cars were registered. George and I will be driving down last years planned route with a visit to the renovated Peterson Museum in LA. We will then travel Route 66 across the dessert and meet our fellow members and friends in Williams AZ.

Many of the towns along Route 66 host their own festivals throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall. European Route 66 Associations are also hosting events to draw attention to the Route 66 culture. In 2017 Germany held their first annual Route 66 Festival. This year the Czech Route 66 Association will be hosting a European Route 66 Festival August 10 - 12.

This years North American International Route 66 Festival will be held in Shamrock Texas from July 12 to 15. This is the main event for the who’s who of Route 66 Authors and Artists.

If you are planning a road trip this summer, check out the web site for ideas on interesting attractions, offbeat sights & oddities.

During last years Miles of Possibilities Conference in Illinois we visited the Gemini Giant on Route 66 in Wilmington Illinois. Locally, Washington State has a Muffler Man also known as Stevedore Man, in Everett. He is a 20-ft. fibreglass giant, overlooking Puget Sound from the top of a building. There are about 300 Muffler Man type statues across America. Some hold tacos, golf clubs, some hold axes. All muffler men are 14 to 25 feet tall and most stand with left palm turned down, right palm up. They appear in various forms. There’s spacemen (Gemini Giant), Native American, pirate, Paul Bunyan, and cowboy versions on the Muffler Men.

Car Show season is just around the corner too. It’s time to start polishing our Classic Cars for display at Show & Shines throughout the summer.

Thats all for now. I hope everyone has a good Spring and Summer